Housing for all
Not just speculators

It’s time to fight back against speculators
Graph showing Canada's housing bubble

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Housing costs have skyrocketed in Canada – disproportionately affecting the youngest and poorest Canadians who are already economically vulnerable.  It’s time to take action against speculators and investors who inflate the values of Canadian homes.  Homes are for living, not speculating.

Housing is a human right

Housing for Canadians, not speculators
It's time to take action

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During the 2021 election, every party pledged to tackle the housing crisis. The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Bloc, and Green Party acknowledged that housing is unaffordable for many Canadians. Each party promised to lower the cost of home ownership.


Just as there’s no single cause for the housing crisis, there’s no single solution. The federal government must implement policies that reduce demand, increase supply, and encourage provinces and municipalities to do the same.


We need policies that:

  • discourage speculators from buying residences as investments,
  • penalize home flipping,
  • reduce foreign speculation on homes,
  • tax vacant and underutilized properties,
  • make more residential properties available,
  • encourage construction of higher density housing.

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